Last weekend, my father and I used the City Tours passes given by his officemate. It’s an open top bus tour at the city! There are many bus routes to pick, yet we decided to take the Marina Bay Sands/China Town/Arab Street route because I have been wanting to see Chinatown and Little India ever since. I didn’t expect that I will be seeing much (as seen in the pictures, hehe) and thought that it will be a simple tour-guided bus ride. It was really fun!



Chinatown. We’re lucky it wasn’t that crowded, and the traffic was light. 



My father stayed inside the bus because of the slightly unbearable heat while I took endless pictures at the open top bus, yay!!



Chinatown Temple.



National Museum of Singapore. I went here last week! I am still drafting a blog and picking pictures to post because I took 100+ shots. The place is amazingly big and an afternoon was not enough to really take all the information. I learned a lot of things though! :)



I love the city so much, but at the same time, vintage places in the country are also exceptional.


There’s not much to tell since I did not hear many infos from the guide because I was busy taking pictures (oops), but as you can see the tour was pretty much more of the ‘old’ side of Singapore even if it’s known for technology and its amazing skyline. National Museum Of Singapore adventure is up next!!

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I cannot say that I was a good and efficient leader back then , but I always try my best to be excellent and step up as long as I can. It has been a year since I was chosen to lead my batch. I can also remember the day (Miting De Avance) when I stood up to almost one thousand students, and quoted John Maxwell: “A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.” Truly, these words came to life in my own experiences. I have learned so many things from four years of doing the thing I love the most, serving. 

Anyways, school campaigns are already happening in my alma mater. I will be very honest that I miss the stress, campaign blues, party list posters, endless meetings with the rector, classroom campaigns, more stress, etc. And because of this, I decided to make a list of the 6 things leadership taught me:

1. In leading, sacrifice is not a choice.

You always have to do it. Some people think that a leader is always being the hero of the story. We forgot the reality that most of the time, leaders are the ones who are hit the hardest. To aspiring leaders, once you have chosen to serve people, you have to start doing things for the greater good, not self-interest. It will be worth it, believe me.

2. The respect and authority cannot be earned by position.

Leaders cannot demand respect and authority any more than they can buy it. I think giving respect to others is the easiest way to get the same. We cannot gain anything that we are not willing to give. Authority goes hand and hand. It can be hard because you have to be firm with your beliefs and system. 

3. Always have an alternative.

I learned this one from Father Gabby. As leaders, we are always asked to have a plan, but what we mostly forget is making the Plan B to Z. We have a direction to go to except that sometimes, things go wrong and that’s when having an alternative is needed the most.

4. Leaders cannot do it all.

It was awful that I have to learn this the hard way, but I know that I was also at fault. Honestly, there were times when I like to do papers alone to finish it faster, but as any other person, I got burned out after some time and realized that I need help. We may be appointed to lead, yet as leaders, we are also taught to divide and assign the work to others. We cannot do it all, and that’s A-okay.

5. Passion can take you far.

When things go wrong and not the way I wanted it to be, passion keeps me going. It makes me believe that it can still be okay. 

6. Stressful but fruitful.

When work and plans got stressful, there were times when I really wanted to give up. Until now, I am just thankful that I did not because after all, the stress was actually worth it. The Seniors’ Org was assigned to make the yearbook and organise the Graduation Ball. We had so many plans for the our gradball, but it was never that easy. Issues, other did not want it and the survey results weren’t how it was expected, but we still decided to push through. The party was successful, and it was one of the happiest moments of my high school life, yay! 

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Travel Diaries: IKEA, Tampines

As we all know, IKEA is not a ‘tourist spot’, but since we do not have this (yet?) in the Philippines, I have been wanting to visit ever since! My heart has a small spot for interior design, furnitures and the like; however, I did not buy anything since I have no check-in baggage (cries) when I go back to Manila.

The other day, I had an overnight at my Tita’s place who works here (plus, she’s my closest). We planned go to IKEA the next day. She also loves the place and goes there whenever she is free. I just love the thought that I can sit, play and lie down everywhere!!! We got tired of roaming around, so we decided to have a snack. The food is cheap, but it was gooooooood. 

We still have to go back there next week because Tita will buy the things needed for Ashira’s playroom. On the other note, I’m gaining a lot of weight since I got here and my legs are getting bigger (it’s freakin forming muscles). Ahhh, tiring, but really fun!!

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Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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On my last blog post, The Happy List, I mentioned that I got back on shopping!! Singapore holds the best and craziest sales, that is why shopping is a must. Also, I am taking advantage of the fact that H&M stores are all over the place. Speaking of H&M, I heard that they’re finally in Manila next month!! I. Cannot. Wait.

Anyways, this is one of my favourite hauls from the other 3 I had for the past few months. As of now, I am into neutral colours and laid-back fashion. I decided to keep it more simple, yay!!

Here are my Singapore Finds:


1. Chiffon Dress, Trendy

My favourite pick from my haul!! I cannot wait to wear this classy and chic dress in parties or formal dinners. 


2. White Sneaks, H&M

This may be really weird, but I love H&M’s shoe collection more than the clothes they offer. I bought black sneaks from our last trip in Singapore last December, and I got 2 shoes from the store the other day!! When I saw these white sneaks for just 5 freakin dollars… I. Need. To. Get. This, though I have to be less clumsy because white sneaks!!


3. Pearl Earrings, Forever 21

As you can see, there are only 2 items from Forever 21 in this haul no. 4. Well, I only got the chance to roam around the store for only 15-20 minutes since my father and I were running late for a movie. I guess I will still have a 2nd part of my Singapore Finds because I’ll go back to Orchard this weekend, yay!


4. Cropped top, Cotton On

I am not a big fan of cropped tops, but when I checked Cotton On the other day and saw this… ahhh, exception!! I love the print plus it fits me well. 


5. Nude Sandals, Forever 21

Needing (yep, it’s a need) sandals when I got here since the flats that I packed for my trip got broken. Well, I’m okay with it because that flats were bought ages ago. I have been overusing these sandals since I bought it. It’s really comfy, and as I said, I am getting more in love with anything nude and pink. 


6. Skull-printed Scarf, Cotton On

I have been wanting to buy a scarf since then; however. I’m afraid that I can’t pull it off. I’m still thinking of a good outfit to pair with this one, but I guess it will be easy since it’s white. I actually bought this one just because this scarf is only for 5 dollars with any other purchase. Why not, right?


7. Black Dress

I don’t know where my tita bought this black dress, but I loved it! Can’t wear it yet since the upper part of the dress is see-through. I didn’t bring any tube with me, so I’ll probably wear it when I get back in Manila.


8. Pink Pumps, H&M

The last heels I bought were for my prom last 2012… yup, ages ago!! My mom and I have the same shoe sizes, so I do not have to buy heels since she has tons. As I said, my heart has a small spot for H&M shoes, so I didn’t think twice of buying these, plus it’s the last pair!! How lucky, right?


9. Leopard Dress, Cotton On

I am not much of a fan of leopard prints, but this dress is da bomb!! This is one of the clothes, like the Black Dress, my tita left for me before she and my grandmother leave for their Eurotrip. This is also the same dress I wore during my adventure in Haji Lane.

Pretty sure that there will still be a second part of my Singapore Finds next week. Hope you guys loved my 4th haul as much as I do! :)

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